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Free App for the design and check of reinforced concrete.

We have created a concrete design to BS5400 App for Android, which we hope will become a useful tool for use when carrying out a quick check of calculations, perhaps a quick answer in a meeting or when on site and remote from a PC.
The App is free and there is currently no advertising so its use does not generate any profit for us but we feel that by providing something to the industry it is the best form of promoting our company and invite others, especially Contractors to using our services.
The App can be located through the Google Play Store and can be loaded on Android mobile phones or tablets. When inside Google Play Store type and search for the following:
Evan's Reinforced Concrete Design to BS5400
Version 1.2 is limited to the design for flexure and shear for slabs and beams only but it will eventually add beams and gradually when verified, design and check for the serviceability for the maximum and minimum areas of reinforcement, shear enhancement at the supports which in slabs is limited in the primary direction only, combined bending and shear, torsion in beams and flexural and early thermal crack widths which are currently under development.
These first few versions took over 750 hours to develop and upload through play store; time which also includes procedures that are not visible yet. It was also produced as a trial to assess my own programming capabilities and ascertain whether we could develop more advanced and professional versions in the future.
A separate similar App to the Eurocodes is currently being developed, together with an app for the ULS capacity of arbitrary pre-stressed sections to BS 5400 and EC2 and App for retaining walls.
Finally, please feel free to leave your comments and inform me of any glitches or errors spotted if you manage to use it. Contact us on 01527 584850 and ask for Evan Vrysoulis or John Fairbrother or email us at:
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